Choosing your eye wear

So, you're eyes are not quite what they could be. You've sat through an eye exam, eagerly reading letters off a chart, picking out the closest dots and cheerfully sporting a range of lenses while your optometrist gazes into the depths of your baby blues. But, once it's all over, your optometrist suggests you need a little help. What now? If this is the first time you've flunked an eye exam, don't be alarmed. Read More 

Scleritis Explained

Scleritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the sclera, which is the white area of your eye. The sclera is made from connective tissue and its role is to protect your eye and provide structure. Scleritis can affect the front or back of the sclera, but the front is most commonly affected. When scleritis does affect the back of the sclera, complications such as retinal detachment and glaucoma can occur. Read More